Beaglebone Black GPS+Temperature cape

I moved my Beaglebone Black GPS+Temperature setup from a breadboard to a proto cape. The soldering isn't great, and the wire I had on had was much too thick for this.

The back, with the DS18B20 sensor (ends up near the CPU):


The front, with the GPS module:


The post-it note has the pins:


1-wire for the DS18B20

VIN -> +3.3V
Data -> P8.11

Data -> VIN pullup resistor

GPS module connections

PPS -> P8.7
gps RX -> P9.13
gps TX -> P9.11

Lastly, the final combination:


After assembling this, I had a problem with getting a GPS signal. I'm not sure if it was a problem with the soldering heat or if there's added noise. Using a GPS antenna worked around the problem.