TL-MR3020 NTP server

I have a small travel router that I no longer use, and I wanted to turn it into a NTP server.  

The hardware is pretty well documented here:

For the PPS signal input into the router, I need a GPIO.  I found two potential ones from the OpenWRT wiki.

GPIO7, pull down resistor R15 - 7.25kohm - datasheet pin label "GPIO7/JTAG_TDO/I2S_WS" (JTAG data output, I2S word select)

GPIO29, pull down resistor R17 - 7.25kohm - datasheet pin label "JTAG_TCK" (JTAG clock)

Before (see R15 and R17 in the middle top)

After soldering (pencil for size reference):

I put some hot glue on the wires to discourage them from moving around.  I connected GPIO29 to a GPS module's PPS and connected the GPS module to the USB port for power and serial.  It's all just hanging out till I cut some holes in the case.

TL-MR3020 and u-blox NEO-7N GPS

Software details in part 2!

Ref, PPS driver document:

Ref, processor datasheet for the AR9331: